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The Perfect Green Smoothie!

The Perfect Green Smoothie!

I’m a big fan of smoothies, especially green smoothies. They’re easy to make, customize, and are a great option for breakfast on the go. There is an art and somewhat of a science to making smoothies to ensure that you are kept satisfied and full. I’m sure you’ve had that experience of sipping down on a smoothie and finding yourself hungry within the next hour. There’s certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need in order to ensure your smoothie acts a fulfilling meal rather than a drink that will leave you hungry, quickly.

Another issue with a lot of smoothies is that they’re filled with sugar, which can spike your insulin, leaving you crashing. Fruits, although healthy, full of fiber, water content, and vitamins have a lot of natural sugar. Even though it’s a healthier sugar, than processed you should still be mindful of your intake.

Green smoothie recipe

Remember that every meal is an opportunity for you to fill your body with nutrients that will keep it feeling amazing and energized (and it just might leave you glowing from the inside out!

When making a smoothie I always try to have these components in them:

  • Flaxseed – fiber to keep you feeling full longer
  • Greens – such as spinach
  • Protein – I like to use a vegan protein to increase satiety and keep you fuller longer
  • Healthy Fats – almond butter, coconut oil, coconut milk (this will also keep you fuller longer)

Green smoothie recipe

Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe

Throw in the blender and enjoy! xo

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