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Nutritious Life Certified – You Can Do It Too!

Nutritious Life Certified – You Can Do It Too!

Over the years, my passion for health and wellness has grown. Starting my career in marketing is what I love doing, but when I’m home all I can think about is what will make me happier and healthier. I never want to stop learning, and taking a 1-2 year health certification was not realistic for me but I desperately wanted some sort of education on health and wellness to enhance my life and share with others around me.

This left me on a journey of researching and finding something that was right for me and my situation. After spending countless hours online, I found something that fit; The Nutritious Life Certification by Keri Glassman. Keri is a recognized celebrity nutritionist, dietician, healthy cooking expert, and author. She created this program as a cutting-edge 13-part, go at your own pace, online nutrition, and wellness education. In this course, you’ll gain real skills in nutritional principles, counseling techniques, and marketing strategies (which is the best part).

Keri’s course was perfect for me – it was online, I worked through it on weekends, it gave me all the resources I needed and a strong fundamental education in nutrition and wellness. I learned everything from the importance of macronutrients and sleep to meal planning and marketing an online brand. At the end of the course I received my Nutritious Life Certification (yay) and there’s access to a number of different ebooks and programs she provides. I highly recommend anyone looking to get an education in nutrition to take Keri’s course – whether you’re a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, or something in-between. Below is a breakdown of all the awesome content Keri has to offer and a link if you’re looking to purchase:

The Nutritious Life Certification

Online Nutrition Certification

This is the 13-week program I had the opportunity to go through. As mentioned, this was the perfect program for someone who is looking for a basic education in nutrition and wellness or if you’re in a similar or related field. This course is packed with resources and information to empower you to help yourself and others around you. You can do it on your evenings and/or weekends, and go back at any time. Keri also includes a number of interviews with people like Nutrition Stripped for advice on branding and marketing. You can learn more and purchase the course here.


The Nutritious Life Guide to Cleansing eBook

Cleansing GuideLooking to try a cleanse? Make sure you do it the right way! This ebook has 6 unique cleanses that will help you detox, slim down, and feel your best in 4 days. Got cleansing questions? This guide has all the answers you’ve been looking for. Learn to cleanse the right way! You can learn more and purchase the course here.


The Great 1-Month Slim Down eBook

When it comes to Keri’s approach, she doesn’t believe in crash diet, no-carb, or starve yourself approach! This great 1-month slim down will help you lose weight, be free of yo-yo dieting, and feel better than ever. This is the program Keri uses with her clients to help them get started and lose weight in the healthiest of ways. You can learn more and purchase the course here.

Nutrition in the Media

If you’re not familiar with how the television world works, where to begin or what to do, then you came to the right place. In Keri’s new 3-part program, Nutrition in the Media, she will teach you what you need to know, who to contact, how to contact them, what to pitch, how to prepare for a segment, and what to expect (or not expect) for your big moment! You can learn more and purchase the course here.

If you have any questions i’m always happy to help share my experience with the program!


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