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Healthy & Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe

Healthy & Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe

Burrito bowls are my life. They’re full of flavor, filling, colorful and down right delicious. When I get a chance for lunch sometimes I find myself at Mucho Burrito, Chipotle, or the local burrito shop. The best part is you can usually get them on lettuce as a healthier option. There’s something about Mexican dishes; I don’t know whether it’s the spice, the mixture of delicious ingredients or the array of flavours .

That being said, the healthier, less expensive version is the burrito bowl you can make at home. Sometimes I come home from work completely exhausted, too lazy to cook and don’t happen to have anything prepped in the fridge. This healthy, vegan burrito bowl takes less than 15 minutes, is filled with vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats and proteins. Most of the ingredients are a staple in my weekly shop or in my garden so all I need to do is throw them together for a delicious dinner (or lunch)! Sometimes I like to have a base of rice, but if I don’t feel like carbs I’ll substitute kale instead.

Healthy Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe


1/4 Cup of canned (or fresh) corn

1/4 Cup of canned or cooked black beans


Red pepper

Red onion


DoTERRA Lime oil (or lime juice)

1 Cup of brown rice or handful of kale

Organic salsa (I like mine spicy)


Optional: Hot sauce


If you decide to use rice as your base, start cooking that first. While the rice is cooking take all of your vegetables and dice them up into small squares and put them aside. Take your can of corn and beans, open them up, drain them thoroughly and put them aside. Take a bowl and once the rice is done let it cool and put it in the bowl. If you’re using kale, rip up the kale and put that at the bottom of the bowl. If using rice take 3 drops of lime oil or juice from one lime and mix it in with the rice. Take all of your toppings and arrange them on top in whatever way you like! Add hot sauce if that’s your things and voila, dig in and enjoy.

* If you’re not vegan, you can easily add grilled chicken

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